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Need start-up capital? Demo your idea with an interactive MVP prototype

Over the years we have met some imaginative founders whose ambition exceeds their pockets. Often they have an embryonic idea, some starter slides for a pitch, a lot of energy and some [limited] personal capital to invest.

Rather than remortgaging / maxing out personal credit we recommend putting ideas to the test with seasoned investors. The rationale is that if an idea passes muster with Investors this offers partial mitigation of the risk of bootstrapping and allows the tapping of more substantial funding for scale (as opposed to winding up homeless!).


Meet Ayo our new Intern

Sheer is expanding its development team with a brand new Internship! After exhaustive testing, interviews and practical challenges we selected Ayo to join us and help create all things #Digital for Life. (more…)

Share the meal – together, we can end global hunger

We have been donating each month to Share the meal, a fantastic app which enables you to contribute to the UN goal of ending global hunger. Well thought through and super easy to use, the app provides updates on where your money is spent – even sharing the details of the food that is bought and the families who receive the food. (more…)

Sheer Digital wins Clutch award: Top UK WordPress & Shopify Developers 2021

Sheer Digital has been serving Clients with design and development services in the UK since 2012! We create informational websites, e-commerce platforms, international multi-language websites, and web applications for small & medium-sized businesses, start-ups and agencies. We listen carefully to Client’s commercial objectives and leverage technology to help them achieve their goals of financial independence and freedom. (more…)

Invest in yourself, build an audience, win your freedom

Sheer has been helping start-up businesses grow for nearly 8 years. During this time many people have come to us looking for ways to fulfil their dreams of financial independence and freedom. Many of these individuals have had very good ideas, and some with relatively detailed plans. However, one of the most common misconceptions is what we call the Field of Dreams – “Build it and they will come” mentality.


Setting up an online Supermarket in your local area

If the headlines are to believed then most national supermarkets do not have the capacity to cope with demand for online deliveries.  Some supermarkets are only meeting 10% of demand so if your future prospects are uncertain setting up an online supermarket in your local area could be a good opportunity.


Harnessing the power of digital to transform your life

We live in uncertain times and many of us face the challenge of finding new ways to generate income as social distancing forces fundamental changes to the nature of work.  Sheer Digital was founded under similar circumstances during the previous financial crisis. 100% remote for over 7 years, the company was born out of a need to straddle geography and to allow our team the freedom and flexibility to work as they choose.


Sheer Digital is Named a Top 2019 UK Company on Clutch!

Now in our 7th year, Sheer Digital has successfully created a broad range of digital experiences which help our clients grow their businesses. Our creative team includes UX experts, developers, and project managers working together in a small and agile agency. This allows us to provide our clients with the level of attention and care they deserve.


Why creative agencies often need a white-label partner

Creative agencies are often faced with the challenge of keeping overheads to a minimum as they negotiate irregular demand patterns. In addition to this struggle, working with larger clients can mean long payment delays with a negative impact on cashflow. Hiring a full time developer knowing that delays in approval to build can lead to significant downtime is therefore an expensive luxury.


Apple ushers in a new era for Web-Shops

Buried in the news from Apple’s Developer Conference yesterday was the advent of something really big for e-retailers. Iphone and Mac users will be able to pay online in Safari using a “Pay with Apple Pay” button, and authenticate their purchase using Touch ID on their phone or watch. (more…)

Are you a mobile friendly laggard?

Picture the scene: you turn up to a job interview – you arrive on time (check),  you smile and greet the interviewer (check),  you look down at your feet and realise you’ve forgotten to put your trousers on – oops!, major faux pas – right? It’s been nearly 14 months since Google updated its search algorithm to favour mobile friendly sites, yet still there are stalwart laggards who believe that it’s perfectly acceptable for the above scenario to happen every day! (more…)

Why portable websites are more affordable

With a myriad of website options for your newly minted business, your eye is caught by the cheap prices of the do-it-yourself variety of website builders. Let’s put aside that you may not be a creative genius and work on the assumption that the do-it-yourself option has some form of AI or a huge range of templates, which will create a website which will wow your prospective clients. What’s not affordable and to love here?


Affordable versus cheap web design

You’re an established small or medium sized company, or a start-up and you need a new website. There are a multitude of competitors to choose from – thousands of agencies and freelancers  (literally)  – so where do you start? what is affordable vs cheap? (more…)

Is your WordPress website a sitting duck for hackers?

It’s been a long a challenging journey – perfect UX, page speed optimised, SEO and SSL all done. Your brand new WordPress website is Live, so now it’s time to relax and forget about it for a while? Wrong! WordPress is an open source platform, which is often exploited by hackers. Putting your website in the back drawer and forgetting about it could cost you big. Here’s our top 5 reasons why you should regularly back-up and update your WordPress CMS and plugins: (more…)

Planning an International website?

So you’re planning an international expansion and need your products or services to be communicated in languages other than English. With international websites there are a number of things that influence your search engine position requiring careful consideration.


Google’s game changing IoT play

Apple made their first move into the IoT (Internet of Things) with iBeacons over two years ago. A number of forward thinking retailers and others have been experimenting with the technology with mixed success.

For those who are not aware, iBeacon’s transmit a unique ID via Bluetooth, which can be picked up by phone with the appropriate app installed within a 15m radius. So far, the predominant use-case is beacons broadcasting contextual information and offers for products in-store. Of course, there are many other innovative ways to deploy them. (more…)

Does a subject matter expert write your content?

A cursory search and you will find a huge amount written about how content marketing and how it’s going to turbo charge the growth of your business. Marketers have now for the most part bought in, but often face the challenge of who should be responsible for writing their content? (more…)

Does your website do you justice?

After a January full of new-year-new-you, it may be hard to stomach, but is it time to look at that tired old website and give it makeover? Sheer have just undertaken some renovations and we are proud to launch our new look – but it’s more than that, our site reflects the changes that have occurred in our business strategy over the last year. (more…)

Making Amazon more democratic

Ever wondered how retailers make their decisions on what to sell? Sometimes it’s the result of savvy professional buyers capitalizing on trends, occasionally it’s down to good luck, but more often than not its based on data i.e. if sales are growing, then let’s do more of the same. (more…)

Could 4G kill BT stone dead?

For Internet users in the UK wanting a fast connection at home, there’s cable, BT or, well nothing actually! If you don’t have fibre to your doorstep, or just want a broadband connection you are going to have to pay the BT tollkeeper some £10+ per month. (more…)

Need a Voice for your company?

A picture speaks a thousand words, but when you add in a voice and great music, the effect is transformational. Adobe Voice is an app that allows you to tell your own animated stories with great templates, icons, music, images – and not least, your own voice. (more…)

Is Guy Kawasaki a bot?

Apologies in advance to Guy here – this article is nothing personal. I just noticed that Guy is based in the US and yet his Linkedin updates and Tweets seem to march on regardless of whether he is sleeping or working or otherwise. (more…)

Selling or Marketing to Expats?

The global expat community is attractive to many businesses not least because it comprises some 40 million high-income earners (Source: OECD). Until recently, reaching expats could be patchy and involve joining various online communities in different cities. (more…)

Marketing cloud for small business?

Adobe, Salesforce, Oracle, IBM – all offer derivatives of what has been termed the marketing cloud. There’s little doubt about the logic of creating an integrated platform to bring together all aspects of web and digital marketing – it’s a marketers dream. (more…)

Want to know who’s visited your website?

So, you have a website, and maybe you have some data to tell you how many people have visited. But how can you leverage this data to generate leads? The great news is there is now a free tool out there that can really help. Leadfeeder ( formerly Wanapi) connects to your site via your Google Analytics account. (more…)

Single web page = huge impact!

Many entrepreneurs and newly formed businesses realise they need get online but want to keep costs down. With so many single page offers available Sheer wanted to break the mould with a complete package fulfilling every possible need to get started on the Web.


Digital Democracy for all – Finally!

Is your Digital Marketing agency a Supermodel? Won’t get out of bed for less than £10k? Fear not there is salvation ahead – Sheer Digital aims to level the playing field with a more democratic approach to digital. (more…)

Introducing Sheer digital

We want to make your “digital life” a lot easier! Sheer specializes in web-design and development for commercially focused small and medium-sized companies. Our small (but nimble!) team has experience of a wide range of sectors from consumer packaged goods to fashion. (more…)