With Google core web vitals likely to penalise a lot of WordPress sites bloated with plugins, we have been assessing some alternative options such as Craft CMS. The general consensus among PHP developers is that Craft is more secure, easier to use (for end users and developers), and if built properly – faster with potential to score green with Google Page Speed Insights.

Read more about the differences between WordPress and Craft CMS.

On the downside, Craft CMS does have a smaller community of developers and far less plugins available and it is also more expensive than WordPress (there is a licence fee).

It’s best suited to [larger] small and medium companies – who are security and speed conscious.

Unlike WordPress it does not have off-the-shelf themes – so everything is custom, therefore it is more costly to develop, although with Sheer everything we do is custom so it won’t hugely more expensive.

We are introducing Craft CMS as an additional technology and WordPress alternative this summer (although will continue to offer WordPress for those with a preference).

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