Google’s game changing IoT play
September 3, 2015

Apple made their first move into the IoT (Internet of Things) with iBeacons over two years ago. A number of forward thinking retailers and others have been experimenting with the technology with mixed success. For those who are not aware, iBeacon’s transmit a unique ID via Bluetooth, which can be picked up by phone with the appropriate app installed within a 15m radius. So far, the predominant use-case is beacons broadcasting contextual information and offers for products in-store. Of course, there are many other innovative ways to deploy them.

Does a subject matter expert write your content?
March 10, 2015

  A cursory search and you will find a huge amount written about how content marketing and how it’s going to turbo charge the growth of your business. Marketers have now for the most part bought in, but often face the challenge of who should be responsible for writing their content?

Does your website do you justice?
February 18, 2015

After a January full of new-year-new-you, it may be hard to stomach, but is it time to look at that tired old website and give it makeover? Sheer have just undertaken some renovations and we are proud to launch our new look – but it’s more than that, our site reflects the changes that have occurred in our business strategy over the last year.