Making Amazon more democratic
June 18, 2014

Ever wondered how retailers make their decisions on what to sell? Sometimes it’s the result of savvy professional buyers capitalizing on trends, occasionally it’s down to good luck, but more often than not its based on data i.e. if sales are growing, then let’s do more of the same.

Could 4G kill BT stone dead?
June 12, 2014

For Internet users in the UK wanting a fast connection at home, there’s cable, BT or, well nothing actually! If you don’t have fibre to your doorstep, or just want a broadband connection you are going to have to pay the BT tollkeeper some £10+ per month.

Need a Voice for your company?
June 11, 2014

A picture speaks a thousand words, but when you add in a voice and great music, the effect is transformational. Adobe Voice is an app that allows you to tell your own animated stories with great templates, icons, music, images – and not least, your own voice.

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